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Good, Better, and Best Multifocal Lens Designs

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Lens design, like lens material, has a profound impact on why some glasses cost more than others.

The “good, better, best” model in progressive lens design refers to offering a range of options to meet different visual needs and preferences. Progressive lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, are used to correct presbyopia, a condition that typically affects people over 40 and leads to difficulty focusing on close objects.

What Is the Good, Better, Best Model for Lenses?

Here’s a breakdown of the “good, better, best” model in progressive lens design:

Good: Basic Progressive Lenses

  • These lenses provide a gradual transition from distance vision to near vision, offering clear vision at multiple distances.
  • They typically have a basic design without many additional features or customization options.
  • Good for first-time wearers or those with simpler visual needs.

Better: Advanced Progressive Lenses

  • These lenses often incorporate advanced technology and design features to improve visual performance and comfort.
  • They may offer wider fields of view, smoother transitions between viewing zones, and reduced peripheral distortion.
  • Better suited for wearers who require higher visual acuity or spend extended periods focusing on near tasks.

Best: Premium Progressive Lenses

  • Premium progressive lenses are at the top end of the spectrum, offering the highest level of customization, clarity, and comfort.
  • They may use more modern lens materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and personalized fitting techniques.
  • These lenses are designed to provide the best possible visual experience for wearers with demanding visual needs or preferences.

How Much Do Progressive Lenses Cost?

The “good, better, best” model allows eyewear providers to offer progressive lenses at different price points, catering to a wide range of budgets and preferences. It’s important for individuals to discuss their specific visual requirements with an eye care professional to determine which type of progressive lens is most suitable for their needs.

As the quality of the lens increases, so does the cost to the consumer.

Are Progressive Lenses Good for Me?

Have you found adapting to your progressives challenging? Have you heard nightmares about someone’s progressives and just don’t want to give it a try? It is worth considering that not all progressives are created equal. A patient with a nightmare experience in a “good” progressive lens could have a life-altering win in the “best” progressive lens. 

Now, to complicate matters even further, the “best” progressive offered by different clinics is not always equal. But that is a matter for further discussion and debate.

Find Lenses for Your Unique Vision

At Collingwood Optometry, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you find lenses that align with your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.Take the next step towards clear, comfortable vision by booking an appointment with Collingwood Optometry today.

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